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grillitwithfire's Journal

Second Year Representative Nango Ryuuji
[ played by yuujisou for campfuckudie. ]
CAPSLOCK, anything that's on fire, being the gay boyfriend, better with bacon lube, biscuits for naughty children, coke bottles, deeeeeerrrrrrrrrricous, dekayellow, fighting with my food, i ship you and yours, iron chef for dummies, love you like your're on fire, matthew's pink undies, me's impression is engrish, mouth breathing, my love for you is on fire, nango ryuuji's bbbq, rin's talented fingers, rouma fucks cabbages, rouma's big mouth, shugo's loose wrist, stalking the ladies, the extra b is for byobb, trapped in the schoolyard, triceratops dopant